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The perfect gift - Donate $35.00

The Round Rock Adventure Hiking Kit is designed to help you exercise while you "Explore Round Rock" during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  You can explore Round Rock as an Individual or make it a family adventure.


The kit offers 8 separate adventure guides to include the new Round Rock Visitors Guide, an Old Town Map of historic buildings, a New Town Downtown map of the two block National Register of Historic Places Commercial District, the Old Round Rock Cemetery where AW Grimes and Sam Bass are buried, a map of the historic Sam Bass Bandit Historic Gunfight, a Round Rock Art Sculpture Stroll and a map of the City  of Round Rock Hike and Bike Trails. The adventure guides will help you discover the rich history of the City of Round Rock.

The kit includes a convenient brown canvas bag with a strap, a wood hiking stick that has a compass on the end of the stick.  First Texas Bank provides a note pad and pen in case you want to take notes.  Emerson provided a stress clicker that is a super fund relaxing thing to do.  The City of Round Rock (Plans/Historic Preservation, Arts, Water, and Parks) provides a water bag, a coffee cup, and a fan.  Shirley Marquardt (President of Round Rock Preservation) provides a whistle and a mask your personal safety.  So when you obtain your kit, you are ready, set, go to Explore Round Rock.

The kit is available for a $35.00 donation to Round Rock Preservation.  Proceeds from the donation will fund future preservation projects within the City of Round Rock.  Upon purchase Round Rock Preservation will contact you by the e-mail address you provide and will provide a location where you can pickup your Adventure Hiking Kit.  Shipping is not available.

Round Rock Adventures can be rewarding.  Take you camera with you during each Adventure.  Take a photo of the places that you admire the most.  It can even be a selfie taken in front of your favorite places.  Send the photo to roundrockpreservation50@yahoo.com with comments stating why this place is one of your favorite places in Round Rock. Be sure to provide your name and the title of the photo. Round Rock Preservation will select one photo/with comments each month and the winner will receive a prize.  The winner will be notified by e-mail.  By forwarding your photos you are granting Round Rock Preservation permission to post your photos on the "Explore Round Rock" Instagram account and the "Explore Round Rock" Facebook page.  Now order your Round Rock Adventure Kit and Explore Round Rock.


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