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                                         "NEW ITEM"

Woven Throw:  Features Historic Structures in Round Rock                                   Woven, Cotton, Cranberry on White (Size 48" x 68" + 2" fringe),

Note: Artwork changes are underway to update the throw. Delivery date from Vendor is pending and could be delayed until mid-January 2022; however, cost of throw is expected to go up 4% on 31 Dec 2021; therefore, orders are being taken now so we can offer you the lower price.  

Taking pre-orders now - $60.00 each

Round Rock II TX Throw_edited.jpg

       Canvas PrintRound Rock Stagecoach Inn 

                                 Crossing Brushy Creek Bridge

                                   by the Round Rock, 18" x 20"   

                                (Only 2 Available)    $130.00 each

IMG_9665 (2)_edited.jpg
                         BOOK - Anna's Journey
     A novel about Anna Palm, a Swedish Immigrant,
                 who settled in Round Rock, Texas
Written By Elroy Haverlah  
(Only 2 Available)   -  $15.00 each

   Pocket Knife:  Chisholm Trail Multi-Blade       Folding Knife with Wood Handle (2-1/2" blade)  

          (Only 6 Available)  -  $25.00 each


IMG_9636 (2)_edited.jpg

    Ornament:  Chisholm Trail Anniversary 

          Laser Engraved, 3-1/2" x 3" 

                (Only 15 Available)   - $10.00 each

IMG_9647 (2)_edited.jpg
    Photobook:   Round Rock Stagecoach Inn      (Preservation through Relocation), 40 pages                              (Only 10 Available)     -   $55.00 each
pHOYONOOK SCI_edited_edited.jpg
Bandana:  Chisholm Trail Anniversary                           22" x 22"  
             (Only 50 Available)  - $3,00 each 
IMG_9643 (2).JPG

Round Rock Adventure Kit:  Canvas Bag  with shoulder strap, Walking Stick w/Compass on end (4-1/2'), Walking Tour Guides, Drinking Cup, Bandana

               (Only 16 Available)  -  $35.00 each

IMG_8266 (2)_edited.jpg

Print:  Stagecoach Inn Relocation                 Glossy, 7"x5"  

    (Only 50 Available)   -  $2.00 each

IMG_9645 (2)_edited.jpg