Round Rock Stagecoach Inn - 1930s

Image courtesy of the Richards Family


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Committes will be established by the Board of Directors on an as-need basis.  Committee members are comprised of members & board members.  Our decicated committees provide the necessary support, which enables Round Rock Preservation to fulfill its mission.

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Land owners (1841 Forward)


JJ Harris had 27 land transactions & it is unclear which deed is associated with the parcel for the RR Stagecoach Inn between 1863-1901;  However to the best I could conclude here are my findings:


1841 - 1853     Jacob M. Harrell, Headright League

Circa 1851-53  JJ Harris built RR Stagecoach Inn        


1853 - 1863     Thomas C. Oatts (Postmaster)

1863 - 1880     John James (JJ) & Elizabeth (Tisdale) Harris

1880-1907        John James (Jack) Jr.  & Anna Harris

                          (Son of JJ Harris)

1907 - 1907     Marcus Dee & Ella Surber (Carpenter)


1907 - 1932     Benjamin Chester (BC). & Henrietta

                         Richards (proprietor of stone quarry)

1932-1941       Donald Lee Joseph (Author/Teacher)

1941 - 1957     Harold & Sue Richards (Oil Operator)

1957 - 1960     James Onus & Mary Barger (Accountant &

                         Director of, State Security Board)

1960 - 1984     Donald & Laura Davol (Rancher/Aircraft)

1984 - 1997     Bedico Property Ltd (RR  Land 


1997 - 2005     George Transom III

2005-2012       Back in Texas L.P.

Nov 2012        The City of Round Rock

Follow the rock path through the cedar archway to the Round Rock Stagecoach Inn..

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