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Round Rock Stagecoach Inn - 1930s

Image courtesy of the Richards Family


Directors, officers, & volunteers are not compensated & are individuals or businesses, who are interested in pitching in to help Round Rock Preservation protect our architectural & cultural heritage.  There are many ways to volunteer & we are always happy to put your talents & passions to good use.  Volunteer opportunities range from special events volunteers, docent volunteers, ticket-takers, set-up/break down actions at events, committee members, & much more.  Contact Round Rock Preservation at, call (254) 289-0626 to sign up.  Volunteers are given a free pass to the events where they volunteer.


Committees will be established by the Board of Directors on an as-need basis.  Committee members are comprised of members & board members.  Our dedicated committees provide the necessary support, which enables Round Rock Preservation to fulfill its mission.

  • Membership Committee.  Solicits donors, sponsors & members; helps with grant writing & devising fund-raising initiatives.

  • Education Committee.  Plans & presents educational lectures, tours, & classes on preservation issues related to our preservation projects.  Raises public awareness related to our preservation projects.

  • Special Events & Tours Committee.  Helps plan and implement our special events & tours through fundraising, volunteer coordination & logistics.


  • Awards Committee.  Help recognize individuals, organizations & businesses who have contributed significantly to preservation within the City of Round Rock.

Land owners (1841 Forward)


JJ Harris had 27 land transactions & it is unclear which deed is associated with the parcel for the RR Stagecoach Inn between 1863-1901;  However to the best I could conclude here are my findings:


1841 - 1853     Jacob M. Harrell, Headright League

Circa 1851-53  JJ Harris built RR Stagecoach Inn        


1853 - 1863     Thomas C. Oatts (Postmaster)

1863 - 1880     John James (JJ) & Elizabeth (Tisdale)                                                     Harris

1880-1907        John James (Jack) Jr.  & Anna Harris

                          (Son of JJ Harris)

1907 - 1907     Marcus Dee & Ella Surber (Carpenter)


1907 - 1932     Benjamin Chester (BC). & Henrietta

                         Richards (proprietor of stone quarry)

1932-1941       Donald Lee Joseph (Author/Teacher)

1941 - 1957     Harold & Sue Richards (Oil Operator)

1957 - 1960     James Onus & Mary Barger (Accountant                                                 & Director of, State Security Board)

1960 - 1984     Donald & Laura Davol (Rancher/Aircraft)

1984 - 1997     Bedico Property Ltd (RR  Land 


1997 - 2005     George Transom III

2005-2012       Back in Texas L.P.

Nov 2012        The City of Round Rock

Apr 2018         City of Round Rock relocated Inn from

                        901 Round Rock Avenue in the Commons                                              Business Complex to 750 Chisholm Trail

                        Road within the grounds of the City's

                        future Bathing Beach Park..  

Follow the rock path through the cedar archway to the Round Rock Stagecoach Inn. (Previous location.).

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