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Round Rock City Council approves resolution to appoint Architexas as Project Manager for the RR Stagecoach Inn Project and approves Phases 1, 2, & 3 of the project to relocate the RR Stagecoach Inn to the City's future Bathing Beach Park along Chisholm Trail Road (just northwest of the round rock of Round Rock along Chisholm Trail Road.
The City also stated they will complete Phase 4 (the interior and exterior restoration of the Inn) at a later date.  Their vote on Jul 13, 2017, was made to ensure the RM 620 project could proceed as scheduled.  The City choose to save one of the two oldest historic structures within the City of Round Rock and they choose not to demolish the Inn.  This is a truly historic decision.

RR Preservation presented the City of Round Rock a check in the amount of $2,500 designated for the RR Stagecoach Inn Project.  In turn RR Preservation will renew its efforts, asking everyone to become a RR History Maker and help fund Phase 4 of the Project.
Thank you City of Round Rock for making the relocation of the Stagecoach Inn a reality with the city's decision to fund phases 1,2,3, in the amount of $567,251 (which includes $98,300 in Project Manager fees). 

150th Anniversary 
Chisholm Trail


(As of Jul 01, 2023)

Relocation Funds:

   $2,500 (Paid to City of Round Rock (2017)

Restoration Funds: 

   $   3,555.00  (Paid for Engraved Bricks Display)

Project Funds:

  $ 58,950.27 (As of June 30, 2023)


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