Round Rock Preservation Project

 The Round Rock Stagecoach Inn is the elected Round Rock Preservation Project for 2020.  The Inn was threatened with demolition due to the RM 620 Road Safety Project in the City of Round  Rock   

 The Inn was originally located at 901 Round Rock Avenue (Suite D) & was built circa 1848-1853.  The City of  Round Rock purchased the building in 2012 & relocated the Inn to 750 Chisholm Trail Road on Apr 27-29, 2018.  The city funded the relocation of the Inn from Hotel Occupancy Taxes to save the Inn from demolition.  The City now asks the public to fund the exterior and interior restoration of the RR Stagecoach Inn.  The cost of the restoration is approximately $250,000.

Round Rock Preservation was formed on April 5, 2016 to help save the Round Rock Stagecoach Inn from demolition & achieve other preservation projects in the future.  Round Rock Preservation depends on memberships, sponsorships, & donations to accomplish preservation efforts within the City of Round Rock and to provide education to the public about historic preservation sites and structures within the City of Round Rock.                       

Courtesy of Richards Family

Image Courtesy of the Richards Family

Initiatives & Programs
Round Rock Preservation works with historic preservation organizations at the city, county, state, and national levels, citizens and members to stay informed about important historic preservation issues in the city, county, state and nation.
Identifies endangered historic structures & sites with the City of Round Rock.
Selects one historic preservation project each year to promote, protect & preserve within the City of Round Rock.
Creates public awareness about historic preservation issues within the city.
Uses membership dues, donations, sponsorships & special events to  fund projects selected by the organization.


Round Rock Preservation is a Texas 501c3 Texas Domestic Nonprofit Corporation establsihed for charitable & educational purposes. 


Round Rock Preservation mission is to fulfill the need for a city-wide community advocacy program related to protecting, preserving & supporting historic preservation within the City of Round Rock.


The organization was formed on April 5, 2016, & is a Texas nonprofit membership organization.

Financial Support

Round Rock Preservation raises funds from the community to cover costs of programing & projects through:

  • Memberships

  • Sponsorships

  • Donations

  • Events and tours

  • Selling project related items.


Members of Round Rock Preservation receive quarterly

e-newsletters featuring articles & updates on local preservation issues & projects; as well as, information about Round Rock Preservation program & events.  Join our membership and receive the e-newsletter.

Round Rock Preservation is formed to become the leading voice for the preservation of historic buildings & places within the City of Round Rock.
Round Rock Preservation is a tax exempt public charity composed of members. 
The affairs of Round Rock Preservation are managed by the Board of Directors. 
The Federal EIN is 81-2339800.
Board of Directors​
Shirley Marquardt, President
Frank Darr, Vice President
Kerstin Harding, Treasurer
Judy Anderson, Secretary
Phebe Davol, Director
Sylvia Fores, Director
Richard Parson, Director
Blythe Plunkett, Director
Tina Steiner, Director